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"The vegan side of mexico"
 here animals no longer need to be killed for us to enjoy our favorite foods.

We must do something to help the animals. If we wait any longer, only more will be born to die. Nows the time to choose plant based. 

Our purpose is to make delicious vegan food that replaces the need to have animals in Mexican food. Focusing on everything to do with flavor, texture, and taste. 
we're here to show.
you have a choice.
Food is extremely eye opening and it is time we stopped looking away. More specifically in the way it's cultivated. Our food comes from farms not slaughterhouses. Our food comes from love and care to the earth not fear and violence. 
If you're reading this, congratulations! You're now aware that something needs to change. Whether you are trying vegan to save animal lives, for health benefits or for our environment. We're here to support you along the way. "WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE."- You, Pigs, The World

how we can make a vegan impact?
Share on Social
Share with friends and followers that humane Vegan options exists in Mexican food. 
Find in Retail
Find and shop Vegan products in your local grocer. More demand for Vegan products decreases demand for slaughted animals.
Order Online
Online ordering is the most convinient way to support the Vegan movement. Every purchase makes an important impact. 

We cannot keep rewarding slaughterhouses with our money for these horrendous acts.
We get to decide how the market moves. We can save the pigs.

want to Support operation: save the pigs?
What can be vegan?
When there's a willingness for it? Everything. Here's a true story. Our founder Patricia made the Al Pastor because she knew the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet and wanted to help her terminally ill husband any and every way she could. It's not that she decided to go vegan and just missed al pastor. Her husband was a successful Mexican restaurateur, adding some spices and onions to tufo just wasn't enough. That's the part of the story where her willingness kicked in. She knew he would hate every bite if that al pastor didn't taste like actual al pastor, so she got to work. She had to stay true to multiple factors like texture, consistency, and of course flavor, to name a few. When she revealed it to her family they loved it. The rest is history but moral of the story is that there will always be a way. All it takes is you to find it.

Vegan for you.

for Animals.

for our Enviorment.

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